Aldert van Nieuwkoop

Aldert started off in the shipping and offshore oil and gas industry working in London, England and Aberdeen, Scotland before he came to Canada in 2001. After obtaining an MBA degree at Queens University, he continued in the maritime sector establishing a ship owning company operating ships worldwide. After selling his company, Aldert took over the agency in 2015, which was then called Albanese Branding and Communications.

Aldert brings a wide range of in-depth corporate administration and operational management experience gained in a variety of service and manufacturing industries. Aldert is an expert in developing, supporting, and executing corporate growth strategies with specific emphasis on branding and marketing, varying from start-ups and turnarounds to mergers and acquisitions. Aldert offers Thinkr Marketing 25+ years of international and domestic experience in executive management and ‘C’ suite positions in both medium sized as well as Fortune 500 Companies. And he is not done yet! Whilst growing Thinkr, he has started our newest venture: myezbrand!

Andrew Novak

Focused on an organization’s digital presence, Andrew creates fully integrated digital strategies that ensure a user’s digital experience is valuable for both the user and organization.

For more than a decade, Andrew has been creating and executing digital strategies that have resulted in hundreds of millions of views and tens of millions of visits to his clients digital assets. Always staying current in the latest industry trends and news,

Andrew’s dedication ensures that he and his team are always on the leading edge of the digital industry.

Anthony Cacciacarro

Anthony has been passionately building brands for over 28 years. A graduate of O.C.A.D (Ontario College of Art & Design), Anthony’s experience, vision and leadership have helped companies like Kijiji, StubHub, Credit Valley Hospital, BMO, Kids Help Phone, Walk So Kids Can Talk, Morguard, Findlay Law, Branthaven Homes, Spallacci Group, ShawCor, CNIB, Equiton Partners, Ourplacepeel, Hamilton Soccer Hall of Fame, Mount Hamilton Youth Soccer Club, and many more. Anthony’s other passion for design lead him to teaching all aspects of graphic design to students across multiple colleges. Being able to make a difference to young inspiring designers is truly gratifying.

When he’s not thinking about design... you can find Anthony working on his Subie. Rumble Nation.

Sean Simons

Since 1997 Sean has been providing professional web development services using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript to deploy web projects both large and small. He is experienced with a wide range of Content Management platforms, E-Commerce software, and programming and design frameworks. Over the same span, he has been crafting and editing copy for websites, email marketing campaigns, and social media posts. Perhaps his most valuable contribution to the Thinkr team is being dog dad to our Director of Barketing, Homer.

In his spare time, Sean loves to run. He's participated in a number of races, from 5km up to full marathons. On a less active note, Sean also enjoys writing, playing video games, and partaking in local craft brews.

Kasia Lewandowski

Kasia has spent more than eight years in the marketing industry, focusing on bringing high-performing digital marketing initiatives to companies across B2B and B2C verticals. She has built, managed, optimized, and scaled numerous digital marketing campaigns that have brought together search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), email marketing, content marketing, and display advertising channels flawlessly. Kasia thrives on using complex, multi-channel analytics and data-driven strategies to bring real, measurable results.

Kasia is passionate about health promotion, having completed her H. B. Sci in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from McMaster University. She's a proud Hamiltonian who has had the good fortune of serving on the chair of the Hamilton HIVE.

Angela Petrella

Angela was an exceptional student of the Mohawk College marketing program, receiving the Alumni of Distinction Scholarship Award and graduating with honours. She has worked as a freelance blog writer for realty agencies across Canada and the US. She is experienced in e-commerce management, including improving Shopify storefronts and educating clients on best practices and cybersecurity. She has managed and executed social media strategies and campaigns, growing brands such as Tiger Drylac North America and Ambitious Realty.

When she's not in the office, Angela has plenty of hobbies and passions to keep her busy! She enjoys exploring nature, checking out new podcasts and audiobooks, taking environmental action, learning about space and science, hanging out with her cats Jupi and Comet... and that's just scratching the surface!

Ryan Ahrens

Ryan brings over 20 years of creativity to the team at Thinkr. His passion for design and coding allows him to wear many hats throughout the process, from concept to website development, social media, and email marketing.

Outside of the office, Ryan can be found striking up the alleys at Splitsville or catching up on the latest news in technology, comic books, and web design trends.

Katherine Penaranda

Katherine recently graduated from the Graphic Design program at Mohawk College, and stepped right into the world of agency creative design. She has been primarily developing branding assets, including logos and brand assets, while also creating compelling illustrations and motion graphics for the web and social media. Katherine loves finding unique solutions to different problems always strives to create something memorable with her talents.

When she's not at the office, Katherine enjoys gaming, reading fantasy books, and watching anime. She also loves taking walks and hikes.

Josh Hagen

Josh is a recent graduate of Brock University, ready to start a career in digital marketing. With a background in business communications, he wants to effectively advocate for the importance of digital solutions to improve marketing efforts. Josh's experience in many marketing roles as an intern at Thinkr gives him a broad skill set and an advantage at further success. Quick to learn and willing to take on new challenges, Josh is always ready to contribute his skills and knowledge to benefit the team.

Outside the office, Josh enjoys playing beach volleyball in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. When he isn’t outside, he enjoys playing video games and watching movie marathons.

Joe O'Toole

Joe is a recent graduate of triOS College, having studied web and mobile development. He has a passion for building websites and a fascination with graphics and design. With a background as a truck technician, Joe enjoys modifying cars and motorcycles as well as getting out with his camera.