Brown's Martial Arts

Fitness with a purpose

The challenge

Brown’s Martial Arts reached out to Thinkr to assist and improve their marketing processes. The family-run business had been operating successfully for many years, but after reaching a plateau, they felt it was time to try a different approach to give new life to their brand and business.

Key insights

With two locations and an e-commerce integration with their website, there is great potential for more growth. Brown’s recognizes that an organized and effective approach to marketing is needed and that a trusted brand and image is very important.

Our work

  • Developed a marketing plan as a roadmap to reach their marketing and branding goals
  • Refined Brown’s Martial Arts logo for a more modern look
  • Elevated the brand image by redesigning the website to include more imagery, brand colours and strategic content with an improved SEO focus
  • Created a communications plan for digital marketing efforts including Google Ads, Facebook campaigns and tailor-made e-blasts
  • Created custom landing pages for specific campaign initiatives
  • Designed marketing materials such as in-studio posters and postcards, and photography services
Brown's Martial Arts Logo Before
Brown's Martial Arts Logo After
Winter Break Camp Flyer

Over 75 Years of Combined Martial Arts Experience

Brown’s Martial Arts began with the dream of fostering community, building strong relationships and most importantly, teaching people essential life skills through martial arts.

Brown’s has been empowering children and families to study martial arts in a fun and secure environment for over 20 years.

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