Fil-Trek Corporation

Taking industrial filtration to the next level

The challenge

In 2017 Fil-Trek Corporation was a successful family-owned and operated industrial filtration solutions company. In business for over 20 years, Fil-Trek wanted to remain an independent manufacturer in a market where larger competitors were buying out smaller businesses. In order to do so, Fil-Trek needed to take their business and their brand to the next level.

Key insights

With sales, design, manufacturing and service operations in Cambridge, ON, warehouse operations in Red Deer, and a sales office in Calgary, AB, Fil-Trek Corporation was well positioned for growing direct sales in Ontario as well as continuing its growth in North America and internationally.

Thinkr Marketing evolved the Fil-Trek brand and redeveloped its website to attract more target industry prospects as well as customers for its consumable stock products.

Our work

  • Redesigned the Fil-Trek logo to be optimized for print and for application on industrial equipment
  • Developed their new website, incorporating the refined brand, to attract industry target audiences and accommodate the growing lines of their business
  • Incorporated the brand design in their marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures, product spec sheets, and equipment labels
  • Designed and developed email and landing page campaigns
  • Retooled informational hierarchy, improving the flow of information on technical product sheets
Fil Trek Logo Before
Fil-Trek Logo After

Leading the Next Generation of Filtration

Fil-Trek is a leading manufacturer of industrial filtration equipment for customers around the globe. They are one of the very few manufacturers with the ability to provide customers with complete solutions and deliver industrial filter products suited to their unique needs.

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