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Built and Backed by Science

The challenge

Aware that the supplement industry is overcrowded with poor-performing products and misleading information that creates a lack of credibility, StayAbove Nutrition has made it their goal to restore credibility through transparent clinical practices, improved research strategies and by creating a safe and effective line of supplements that support and empower individuals to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Thinkr Marketing was then tasked with helping StayAbove Nutrition, a Hamilton based company, develop a trustworthy brand that could enter the highly competitive marketplace and stand out amongst its competitors as a leader in science-driven health and wellness.

Key insights

Despite having a well thought out and thoroughly researched product and brand strategy, StayAbove was still entering a highly competitive and overcrowded market. But this was not a deterrent for the engaged and passionate group of scientists and clinicians that created StayAbove Nutrition. Together and with the confidence and quality of their products, we began to carefully create a custom marketing and implementation strategy.

Combining engaging visuals, video elements and backed-by-science content, we began developing a digital marketing game plan to launch the brand, promote brand awareness and generate sales. With StayAbove still new to the market, we look forward to evolving the marketing plan, continuing to build brand recognition and growing with this inspiring local brand.

Our work

  • Market research, competitor analysis and tailored marketing plan
  • Logo and brand development including creative platform
  • Custom built ecommerce website including content writing
  • Creative asset development and design of marketing materials such as product labels, social and digital graphics, sell sheets and videos
  • Rendering and animation design, including video editing and storyboarding
  • Marketing and advertising support and management, including planning and execution of brand and product launch campaigns
  • Digital marketing strategy integration as well as SEO management and analytic reporting
  • Social media paid campaigns development, execution and reporting along with ongoing organic content creation, posting and management