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Rent our fully-equipped studio!

Thinkr's fully equipped studio is available for rent! We have ideal facilities for product photography, company portraits, or podcast recordings. Features include:

  • Ample parking
  • Lobby with 4K TV
  • Green screen area for photo/video
  • Soundproof Podcast studio


All your photoshoot needs are in one place! Prep, photograph, and even edit your images in our large studio space.


  • Dimensions: Length: 21.6 ft, Width: 12.6 ft, Height: 12 ft
  • Large garage door to accommodate vehicles for photography
  • Cyclorama walls
  • Rentable strobes, video lights, booms, and more!
  • Pantograph lighting rails
Rent Our Studio

Green Screen

Located directly opposite our general photography studio is a green screen space. We can help your photoshoots reach a whole new level.


  • Dimensions: Length: 11.5 ft, Width: 7.4 ft, Height: 12 ft
  • Full-length curtain for isolation
  • Cyclorama walls
  • Rentable strobes, video lights, booms, and more!
Rent Our Studio

Podcast Studio

This soundproof booth is perfect for your audio recording projects. Set up podcasts, interviews, even music tracks!


  • Dimensions: Width: 4.1 ft, Length: 6.2 ft (fits 2 people)
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Microphone arrays
  • Digital recording equipment
  • GoPro camera setup - record video to sync with audio
Rent Our Studio

Floor Plan


  • Photo Studio: Width: 12.6 ft, Length: 21.6 ft
  • Green Screen Studio: Width: 7.4 ft, Length: 11.5 ft
  • Podcast Studio: Width: 4.1 ft, Length: 6.2 ft (fits 2 ppl)
  • Large garage door can accommodate 1 vehicle
Rent Our Studio

Rent the Thinkr Studio

Booking Information

The studio consists of 3 separate spaces:

  • A photo studio
  • A green screen studio
  • A podcast recording cubicle

For multiple uses, a discounted rate is available.

After office hours is available under a separate agreement. Monthly options are available under separate agreement. Equipment such as strobes, video lights etc. are available at extra cost. Space to be left in the same condition as found. Any damages will be renters responsibility.

Contact us today to book your time in our studio! Fill out the form below to receive a quote.

611 Tradewind Drive, Suite 200, Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5
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