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The Real Secret Behind Marketing Success

May 15, 2024

Have you ever heard of Apple, Nike, or Red Bull? Of course you have. Your first thought when reading that question was probably “who hasn’t?” But why are these brands so famous and how did they get to that point? 

Even though these companies have many different offerings when it comes to their products, they share the same level of notoriety and loyalty from their customers. So how did they do it? 

These brands all share the same secret weapon: a clearly defined mission. And once they defined that mission, they stuck with it and stayed true to it across all channels. Finding this defining statement for your own business requires a little introspection and a lot of authenticity. 

If your brand’s mission isn’t crystal clear yet, not a problem. Think of it as a beautiful chance to get to know your brand even better. Simon Sinek famously said, “Start with why”, and we couldn’t agree more. 

To establish a mission that truly reflects your brand, think about what drives you at the core. Don’t think products, services, or your market niche. This exploration also shouldn’t involve making up some vague, cliche statement that fits what you think market expectations are. Finding your mission requires you to dig deep to find what genuinely motivates your business. What change do you want to make in the world? What values are non-negotiable for you and your team? Your mission should be inspiring, aspirational, and most importantly, authentic. It should speak to the core of what you want to achieve for your customers and the impact you want to have. 

It’s important to draw a line between your brand’s mission and your origin story. While your mission is forward-looking, your origin story is the foundation upon which your brand is built. It’s the narrative of your beginnings, the challenges you’ve faced, and the motivations behind your brand. Your origin story is powerful, but it’s your mission that propels you forward. It’s the future you wish to create for your customers and the solutions you’re providing. 

Your mission should be more than words on a page—it should be evident in every aspect of your business. From your marketing campaigns to your customer service, your mission should be the thread that ties all your efforts together. It’s what makes your brand human and what ultimately builds a lasting connection with your audience. 

Now that we've explored the essence and importance of a brand's mission, the ball is in your court! What steps will you take to uncover or refine your brand's core purpose? 

Once you find these answers, you'll see how they bring new energy and clarity to your brand, helping you connect more deeply with your customers. Be transparent, be genuine, and be consistent in your mission. You'll find that this authenticity is what truly draws people to your brand and keeps them coming back. 

611 Tradewind Drive, Suite 200, Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5
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