About us

Thinkr Marketing Group consists of a team of passionate experts all with distinct areas of expertise, experience, and professionalism backed up by education and training. Collectively our team has more than 100 years of industry experience readily accessible for our clients. We are proud to be one of Hamilton’s largest full-service integrated marketing firms.

We have the perfect combination of strategic thinking and flair for design. From brand development to website design and digital advertising to print media, our portfolio is as diverse as the people we work with. Constantly striving to build better brand performance with a creative voice, we have the tools to help your brand stand out from the crowd.


Meet the Thinkrs


Meet the Thinkrs

Aldert van Nieuwkoop - Thinkr CEO

Aldert van Nieuwkoop

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Novak - Thinkr Digital President

Andrew Novak

President, Thinkr Digital

Kelly Hribljan - Thinkr VP Marketing and Operations

Kelly Hribljan

VP Marketing & Operations

ANthony Cacciacarro - Thinkr VP Creative

Anthony Cacciacarro

VP Creative

Sean Simons - Thinkr Director of Web Development

Sean Simons

Director of Web Development

Rachel Albanese - Thinkr Marketing Director

Rachel Albanese

Marketing Director

Cezar Farias - Thinkr Art Director

Cezar Farias

Senior Graphic Designer

Kasia Lewandowski - Thinkr Digital Marketing Manager

Kasia Lewandowski

Digital Marketing Manager

Megan Voth - Thinkr Project Manager

Megan Voth

Project Manager

Whitney Collins - Thinkr Project Manager

Whitney Collins

Project Manager

Ryan Ahrens - Thinkr Web Developer

Ryan Ahrens

Web Developer

Annelie Gutgesell - Thinkr Marketing Coordinator

Annelie Gutgesell

Marketing Coordinator

Barbara Lanzillotta - Thinkr Finance Manager

Barbara Lanzillotta

Finance Manager

Homer J. Simons - Thinkr Director of Barketing

Homer J. Simons

Director of Barketing