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H.Williams Jewellery

Helping Hamilton Sparkle for Over 65 Years

The Brief

For 15 years, Thinkr Marketing has been the agency of record for the iconic Hamilton brand, H. Williams Jewellery. In a competitive retail market space, the goal has always been to stay true to who H. Williams is at heart: a local retailer committed to providing their customers with value, quality, integrity and trust. With three stores across Hamilton, we have always been motivated to unify them as one cohesive brand through our marketing and advertising efforts. We want to see H. Williams Jewellery compete with the big box jewellery stores on a local level.



The Result

Understanding the importance of a well-built marketing strategy, H. Williams Jewellery entrusted Thinkr marketing with their marketing strategy, planning and execution. With a strong foothold in traditional advertising media such as radio, newspaper and out of home, we began to introduce digital advertising into our marketing mix. Now with an integrated marketing strategy combining traditional and digital such as Google Ads including search and display ads, paid social media campaigns and more, we have reenergized the brand and are able to reach more customers.


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H. Williams
611 Tradewind Drive, Suite 200, Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5
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