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Ruffin's Pet Centres

A Ruffin's pet is a happy pet!

The Brief

Ruffin's Pet Centres is a franchise of pet supply stores looking to elevate its presence in a crowded and exceptionally competitive market. They understand that the marketing needs of such an organization are too complex and demanding for a single internal marketing manager. No such 'unicorn' exists.


Ruffin's Pet Centres didn't require a complete brand overhaul. It did, however, benefit from refinements to improve cleanliness and consistency. Additionally, the company needed an established brand guide to ensure all franchises present a unified image while reinforcing brand standards.
Original Brand
New Brand





The Result

Ruffin's Pet Centres is positioned for robust and sustained growth in the retail pet supply space. A strong identity and presence will help Ruffin's succeed in any new market it enters, be it new geographical territory or online.
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611 Tradewind Drive, Suite 200, Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5
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