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How to be a Good Boy at the Office

February 10, 2023


When I joined the Thinkr Marketing team back in early 2019, I never imagined how much of a treat it would be to work in such an exciting office space. With so much to do and so many people to see, it gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. I’ve taken it upon myself to make a guide with the best “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of being an office dog. These tips are sure to keep you out of trouble fur-ever!

Do: Greet Clients & Prospects

Having a ruff day at the office? That’s where I come in! Making everyone feel comfortable at work is my number one priority. You can rely on me to spread joy and bring upbeat energy to the group. As the loyal furry friend that I am, I will always be there to support my fellow colleagues with their work and get to know to any and all office visitors. I enjoy welcoming guests to the office with open paws. If I’m being honest, anyone can win me over with a treat and some pats!

Don’t: Make a Mess of the Office

You can count on me to make the most out of any moment in time. Whether I’m playing fetch, chasing squirrels, or running for hours at a time, I will always be the life of the paw-ty! But with so much fun comes the need for some restraint. Working full-time as the Director of Barketing is no easy task. I have a lot of responsibilities on my plate-er, food dish. So, when it comes to having a good time in the office, I need to be sure I’m always on my best behaviour and not making a mess. I can get super excited in the office, sometimes a little too excited. I’m no stranger to running into my fellow employees’ desks and spilling a cup of coffee here and there. Take my advice and be a good boy at the office by having fun and playing around, while also keeping up with all the routine housekeeping tasks to make sure our workspace is in the best condition possible.

Do: Increase Paw-ductivity

Here at Thinkr, we’re all very hard workers, devoted to giving our clients the best marketing possible. To be successful in crushing our goals, we need to stay focused on our work and stay productive. As everyone’s favourite employee to work with, I can provide the best companionship when working with other Thinkrs. What can I say? I am the best at taste-testing treats in the kitchen, shredding paperwork, and getting belly rubs when the need arises. However, when everyone is working, roaming around the office can get pretty lonely sometimes. It’s tempting to try to get other Thinkrs to play rather than work, because it’s so much more fun! As the professional that I am, I practice directing my attention to my work instead.

Don’t: Ruin Company Property

Rumor has it that there is a stereotype going around about us dogs! Apparently, we love to chew on everything, and I mean everything! From shoes to important paperwork and even furniture! This is not true! Biting company furniture is downright immature and unlike me. Around the office, I always make sure to consistently check up on the condition of our equipment and I recommend that you do too. Having a client of mine or even my boss come to the office and see the furniture all chewed up would be cat-astrophic! I make sure to keep chew toys around because they’re more appropriate things to sink my teeth into.

Do: Keep Spirits High

I’m no scientist but studies have proven that having dogs like myself around the office can decrease stress levels, reduce anxiety, and promote a healthier way of working. Why should anyone have to go through a tough day of work alone? Hiring me as Thinkr’s professional office dog was obviously one of the best things for the company. Around here I’m a natural icebreaker and can connect fellow employees together with ease. I’m never afraid to be the first one to say hello and neither should you. Always remember to check up on your fellow coworkers around the office to ensure that everyone is in high spirits and hopefully over the moon to see you!


Nobody said being an office dog was easy. I didn’t expect to be the glue of the group. The job requirements for the Accounts Retrievable position never said, “Must be a social butterfly,” but I don’t mind getting an extra task from time to time. Sometimes I feel like HR managing all of these humans. But seriously, take my advice and- [EDITOR'S NOTE: The remainder of this article was destroyed, as if Homer literally ate his own homework.]

611 Tradewind Drive, Suite 200, Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5
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