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The Arty Crowd

Hamilton’s New Arts Hub

The Brief

In line with their mission to advocate for the arts as integral to a healthy community, and provide inclusive opportunities to build connection and sustainability, The Hamilton Arts Council sought to create a digital hub for artists, arts organizations and art lovers within the region. The hub would be a place for artists and arts organizations to share their work and explore collaborative opportunities, and art lovers to find local artwork and events - all in one place!


The various sized lines form a series of circles that represents the coming together of all the different cities that are centric in the multi-faceted arts forum which creates a sound wave reaching the province of Ontario and beyond.

Orange is associated with meanings of joy, enthusiasm, creativity, success, change, determination, balance, freedom, expression, fascination, vibrant, and flamboyant. The purple symbolizes Six Nations flag representing unity that brought peace amoung the 5 Nations. Black and Yellow are the obvious colours of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and what has become known colours associated to Hamilton’s pride and spirit.


The Result

With a clear vision in mind, Hamilton Arts Council set out to create a digital hub that offers a lasting solution to the constant challenges of communication and promotion, magnified by the pandemic, within the arts sector.

Collaboration with client teams, committees and boards was essential to the success of the project to ensure all voices were heard and represented at key phases.

Our strategy focused on a visually impactful brand identity representative of artists and communities across the region and a simple, engaging web experience to support members with profiles, events and an online store.
Hamilton Arts Council wanted a centralized digital hub to increase accessibility to and discoverability of our arts community. Thinkr provided a unique experience for a variety of users, including functions and navigation that support TheArtyCrowd.ca as the premiere destination for anyone wishing to connect with the arts. We love the font and colours of the fantastic logo Thinkr designed for the site, without overdoing it. The Arty Crowd needed a distinctive website and brand, and Thinkr delivered!
Sheila at Hamilton Arts Council
611 Tradewind Drive, Suite 200, Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5
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